Stiltsville in the Bay

Stiltsville in the Bay

I love StumbleUpon because I constantly run across sites that I would probably never find otherwise. Save Old Stiltsville is one of them.

Located near Miami and about one mile south of Cape, Florida, Stiltsville is a (now) small group of seven houses that are situated on the shallow waters of the bay. Many of the original houses were destroyed by hurricanes, over the years.

At one time, a total of 27 buildings (houses and a business or two) were constructed there. In their heyday, some of the dwellings were popular enough to be printed on the face of postcards.

No one is completely certain when the first Stiltsville shack was constructed. The estimated date is sometime between 1922 and the early 1930s.

The owner of the original building on stilts was Eddie "Crawfish" Walker. He made his living selling beer, bait and crawfish chowder, out of the shack. What a combination!

Built in 1940, the Quarterdeck Club was a "membership only" club that was featured in LIFE Magazine in 1941. It featured a dining room, a bar, a lounge and slips large enough to accommodate a yacht.

Stiltsville was the backdrop in several episodes of Miami Vice. Part of the movie Absence of Malice was filmed there, as well. Last but not least, Stiltsville has been mentioned in numerous books.

Up until 2000, there was great interest in saving Stiltsville. Unfortunately, efforts were ineffective and fundraising came to an abrupt halt.

I hope you take the time to find out more about Stiltsville. I really enjoyed learning about this shrinking little ghost town IN the bay.