August 2012

Sixt rent a car in Florida

Sixt rent a car is one of the biggest car rental companies in the world. However in 2011 they were in over 100 countries but they were not located in the USA. So in the end of 2011 Sixt decided to move into the biggest market for car rentals the USA.

Sixt opened its first location at Miami International Airport where it was are only location in the USA for several months and then we started to expand within Florida. Then we opened a location right off the Airport at Orlando. Then we opened a new location at Fort Lauderdale airport, then West Palm Beach Airport. Then are newest location in Florida is our Miami Beach location. So currently Sixt has 5 rent a car locations in Florida perfect if you are planning on taking a vacation to the Sunshine State. So if you are looking to go to the beach and get a tan you should think of Sixt rent a car.

Sixt rent a car has also started expanding in other states opening its first location in Atlanta at the Atlanta Airport the busiest airport in the world. So SIXT rent a car has opened 6 rent a car locations within the USA within a year so be prepared for Sixt rent a car to expand to somewhere near you soon. Sixt rent a car is not a new name to car rentals they have been in business since 1912 starting in Munich, Germany. From being from Europe Sixt has great connections with European car brands like Mercedes and BMW. Therefore you can rent a luxury car from Sixt at normal rental car rates with Sixt. Sixt also makes it easy to rent a car with several ways of being able to rent a car, if you want to rent online , in person or over the phone +1-888-749-8555, Sixt rent a car makes it easy.

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